Natasa Djordjevic

Director assistant

Bilateral Meetings

  • (13:00 - 17:00)
DescriptionThe Regional Economic Development Agency for Šumadija and Pomoravlje Ltd (REDASP), was founded in 2005 through the transformation process of the Regional Agency for small and medium enterprises ‘Šumadija’ which was established in 2002 within the project "The Non-financial support to the SME sector in Serbia", financed by the European Union and the European Agency for Reconstruction. It represents a partnership of private, public and NGO sectors from the area of two districts: the district of Šumadija and the district of Pomoravlje. This structure provides the foundation for a strategic approach to the problem of the regional development. In all its activities the Regional agency had a very successful cooperation with national institutions and international donors, whose support was crucial to the continued growth and development of the institution itself. Through the professional implementation of projects and the dynamic and innovative approach, REDASP has proven itself as one of a leading development agency of the regional economic development in Serbia. REDASP is also an associate member of the ILS LEDA Network of Regional Development Agencies and one of the founding members of Zero Emission Network and Network for rural development in Serbia. Since 2015 REDASP is a member of the European Association of Development Agencies (EURADA). In the year 2016, REDASP became member of Assembly of European Regions (AER). REDASP is also a member of Serbian Associaton of Regional Development Agencies. In the same year, REDASP became a member of the National LEADER Network.
Organization Type Other,
CityKragujevac, Kralja Petra I Google map