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Polimac Company LTD

Bilateral Meetings

  • (13:00 - 17:00)
DescriptionPolimac Company Ltd. is a private consulting company established in March 1996, and since that thanks to the team’s persistence, competence and professionalism, it has become a recognizable international consulting company that operates according to the modern business standards with complete logistics and technical support. We work with companies that want to tackle B&H market and markets of other former Yugoslav and Middle East countries and need help to do so successfully. Our Clients contact us because they need consultants who understand their needs. We provide consulting services to our partners in number of different fields and our policy is that good consultants do more than a simple advise, they ought to have your well-being in mind. We analyse information, set priorities, assist on project selection, implement solutions and effectively support your project needs. We do the project management, manage the risk and circumference with you. We supervise the project; we plan and do everyday activities and administration. Our consultants are always trying to find the best possible ways to reach success. Using the full range of our consulting and implementation skills we provide business solution and business strategy, tailored to your company needs.
Organization Type Company
CitySarajevo, Gradačačka 29b-14 Google map