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Tropic Ribarstvo, Ribnjak Janj d.o.o

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DescriptionRibnjak Janj d.o.o. is market-oriented company that guarantees high quality of its products and services and at the same time works on nurturing of cooperation with partners and customers. The most important brand of Ribnjak Janj d.o.o. is “Tropic ribarstvo” that also was company name until 2013. Established in 1996. in Banjaluka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tropic Ribarstvo today is a leader in production and processing of freshwater fish, primarily of rainbow trout, in the region. Total annual production of rainbow trout is 1500 tons with the tendency of annual growth of 10%. We proudly underline that we export over 50% of the total exports of fish from BiH, and over 70% of total production Ribnja Janj d.o.o., and we are currently present on markets of ex Yugoslavia and EU countries. We are strategically committed to export and we are interested in finding foreign partners in our further development. Our vision is to become one of the biggest player in freshwater fish industry in Europe. Our mission is production of high-quality fish products and values that we cherish are: • Quality and safety of our products; • Constant improvement of our production and development of our products; • Respect for co-operators inside and outside of our organisation; • Respect for nature and natural resources that surround us; • Participation in community development and development of fishery as an industry. We gained trust of a high number of consumers thanks to our good and healthy products and we are continuously getting approval and acceptance of our products by a wide range of consumers of various age. Constant improvement of production has brought us to the golden European Award for quality in food industry (Paris, 2001) and for our product “Smoked trout fillet” we received the Big Golden Medal for Quality (Novi Sad,2006). Our other products were rewarded too. In 2008 we introduced in production Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Standard (HACCP), and from 2014 we intreduced IFS standard fro fish and fish product. Rainbow trout production has been deployed in four fish farms located near river sources. Fish processing is being performed in a plant located in the distribution centre Klašnik, 6 km from Banja Luka, while our own fleet has been used for the smooth process of production, processing and selling. Once the implementation of IFS; HACCP system and traceability of our production was introduced this plant was registrated for fish export, with export No R-3-011, and we was first company, from Bosnia and Hercegovina, who export any animal product in EU countries. In order to efficiently respond to requirements of the modern market in terms of healthy food assortment, we are continuously expanding and improving our production and processing capacities. For a number of years, we have been supplying fish-markets, restaurants and mega stores with our products which are distributed in live, fresh, frozen and confectionary condition. Tropic ribarstvo assortment consists of fresh chilled trout, smoked program and frozen program which, if needed, can be packed under buyer’s trademark and can be adapted to the needs of foreign markets.
Organization Type Company
CityBanja Luka, Vojvode Uroša Drenovića 105 Google map